Under the bonnet of a racing car revealing its inner secrets

Conceived as a series, “My Inner Secrets” debuted successfully in 2011 with the first episode, “KERS and Rear Wings.”

Some ten additional episodes are planned to follow, with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber commenting on a range of fascinating and complex F1 topics:

How do the steering, pedals, brakes and aerodynamics work? How do you shake off a pursuer?
When overtaking, what tactics are best? What are the do’s and don’ts? What information do the driver and pit team share during a race? What does the telemetry data show and how do the teams work with it?

Along with suspense-packed explanations of race situations and the mishaps that can happen during a race, “My Inner Secrets” delivers a compelling insight into the technical processes that take place “under the bonnet of a racing car.”


Peter Clausen Film »My Inner Secrets - Kers & Rear Wing«