Torpedo Hunt in the Corn Field

For Red Bull, we’ve developed a flexible system for helicopters that can fly significantly closer to the subjects than a regular nose-mount camera.

The core part of the Hanging Cam is an aerodynamic, missile-like body (“Torpedo”), which is attached to a 25-80 m long line below the helicopter.

The Hanging Cam can fly close to a free climber ascending a steep face or a surfer riding the waves. It can be lowered into forest aisles, craters, glacial crevasses, or brush through rock formations and canyons.

On its first Stereo-3D test flight, we worked with the following technical configurations:

A Nettmann Stab-C stabilized head, 2 Arri Alexa M and the Stereotec light-weight rig with Image Processor for automatic alignment. The video signals were transmitted up to the cabin with fiberglass cable. We recorded in ARRIRAW using a Codex onboard recorder.


Peter Clausen Film »Red Bull Helicopter Hanging Cam«